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@ TanzRaum6 (Bucheggstrasse 144, 8057 Zürich)

18.30 o'clock | Welcome & Check-In
19.00 o'clock | International Breaking Exchange - free of charge!

The "International Dance Exchange" is a space & platform for all dancers within all ages to exchange their thoughts, moves, techniques and approaches to dance and life. It's a meeting of generations in a peaceful environment without challenge, battles and competition character. Everybody is welcome to join, to exchange and also to watch and get inspired. Participants from Switzerland, Austria, Romania, Belarus, Germany and Croatia will join the session.

21.00 o'clock | Talkshow & Discussion for dancers - free of charge!

This will be a panel with Renegade about topics like "Battles, Competition, Judging and the Olympics". Come and ask your questions, learn more or understand thoughts and directions of

22.00 o'clock | Chill-Out and Sleepover


@ X-tra (Limmatstrasse 118, 8005 Zürich)

12.00 o'clock | Registration & Check-In
13.00 o'clock | Family Workshop with Cédi (in cooperation with - free of charge!

Together with Cédric Romanens aka Cédi all interested "Mothers with Daughters", "Fathers and Sons" or else are welcome to participate at the "Family Workshop" powered by At the workshop you learn some easy steps and fresh moves and will get a short introduction into "Breaking" by one of the top Breaking artists of Switzerland. The workshop is free of charge!

14:00 o'clock | Meet & Greet with Niels Robitzky aka Storm

Straight after the workshop you are able to meet one of the judges and a living legend of the Urban Dance Scene worldwide – Niels Robitzky aka Storm. He is more than 30 years in the game and is still a dancer, choreographer, teacher, book author, judge and on top a very nice person. Don't miss the chance to have a small talk with him and shoot your own personal picture.

14:30 o'clock | Side Events (check the schedule)


@ Backstage Studio (Hardstrasse 81, 8004 Zürich)

12.30 o'clock | Registration & Check-In
13.00 o'clock | Breaking Workshop with B-Girl AT (Finland) – CHF 30,- @facebook

With Anniina Tikka ak B-Girl AT participants of the workshop have the possibility to experience true "Breaking Culture" and special approaches to Breaking itself. AT is one of the world's most known B-Girls and succeded in spreading her knowledge in different ways. The B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo is one thing the Saiffa FlowMo Dance School in Helsinki (Finland) another one. Now she is in Switzerland and you are able to join her class! Participants fee is CHF 30,- to be paid at the spot.

14.30 o'clock | Meet & Greet, pictures and more
15.00 o'clock | End of the workshop



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